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NEAT - New English American Theatre

New English American Theatre (NEAT) has been doing shows for over 28 years. From the beginning, it has been the aim of NEAT to provide theatre goers with uncompromising presentations of original version English language theatre. Our productions, which have included musical theatre, children's theatre, staged monologues, one-act plays, music & poetry projects are authentic and our audiences truly appreciative.

Charles C. Urban, Regisseur und kreativer Kopf des Ensembles gründete NEAT(=New English American Theater) vor 28 Jahren. Seitdem hat NEAT dem Stuttgarter Publikum Theaterstücke und Lesungen in englischer Sprache präsentiert. Die Gruppe nimmt regelmäßig an FEATS(=Festival of European Anglophone Theatrical Societies) teil und erhielt dort Nominierungen und Auszeichnungen.


The place is the front entrance of GRACELAND, the late Elvis Presley’s Memphis mansion. The time, five o’clock in the morning, three days before the estate is to be opened to the public. Two ardent Presley fans, Bev and Rootie, are camped out before the gates, each determined to be the first to enter the sacred precincts. Bev Davies is totally and completely dedicated to Elvis Presley and expects nothing less from those around her. Rootie Mallert is young, frail, shy, and naive. Her lack of education and experience have made her very innocent and trusting. She wants very much to be liked but is somewhat intimidated by the raucous Bev.

”if any individual of our time can be said to have changed the world, Elvis Presley is the one. In his wake more than music is different.”
- Greil Marcus: Mystery Train, 1975.

Das Stück spielt am vorderen Eingang zu GRACELAND, der Villa von Elvis Presley in Memphis, die in Kürze für Besucher geöffnet werden soll. Bev und Rootie, zwei große Elvis Fans und in Aussehen und Charakter sehr verschieden, haben vor den Toren der Villa campiert. Jede ist entschlossen, die erste zu sein, die das „Heiligtum“ betritt....

Autor: Ellen Byron
Regie: Charles C. Urban
Schauspiel: Bev Davies – Helen Khorrami
Rootie Mallert – Lily Grabill

Sprache: Englisch

Datum: Do. 23. Mai, Beginn: 18:00 Uhr
Ort: Theater am Olgaeck
Adresse: Charlottenstraße 44, Stuttgart
Karten: 15,- €, ermäßigt 12,- €