International Amateur Theatre Festival


Apolló Kulturális Egyesület
Escargo Hajója

Our organization was founded in 2001 by students. We have been working as an independent theater since 2010. We primarily define ourselves as youth theaters but we play for adults as well.
In our drama company about 10-15 actors works in a season. Our permanent member is 4 person. In addition to our permanent members, invited guest actors or even former students play a lecture too.
Most of our performances are played for school groups. Most of our performances are suitable for play a lecture in classroom settings. We have initiating theatrical performances, theatrical education classes, preventive presentations and lessons. This year we took 12 lectures and workshops to our partners. This year, one of our premiere was a recast of Wolfgang Herrndorf's German youth novel: Tschick.

Our mission: We would like to be partners of the children while they grow up. With our lectures we strive to be partners with the children everyday lives, to give joy and experience to their life.

Die Gruppe „Apolló“ wurde 2009 gegründet und produziert Dramen, Performances und eigene Projekte.

Büntető | Penalty

The play is performed by three actors and based on a Hungarian modern-day play. The father wants his boy, Bence, to become an international basketball star. The girl, Márta, is suffering from the suppression of her fiancé. Bence and Márta meet in the city park, by the selective waste containers. They decide that at night, therem at the park, together they will throw out everything that remind them of the past. Getting rid of all theses objects and symbols they hope to be able to start their new lives. Nice plans... but making such turns in life is not that easy ...

Der Vater möchte aus seinem Sohn einen Basketballstar machen, obwohl dieser davon träumt, Musiker zu werden. Eine junge Frau leidet unter den Repressalien ihrer Verwandtschaft und will aus der Familie ausbrechen. Diese beiden jungen Menschen treffen sich des Nachts im Park an einem Müllcontainer und beschließen, ihre Vergangenheit los zu werden und in den Müll zu werfen. Was sich allerdings als nicht ganz so einfach herausstellt…

Autor: András Maros
Regie: Balázs Perényi
Schauspiel: Emese Nagy
Krisztián Ákli
Mihály Fenyvesi

Dauer: 60 min.
Sprache: Ungarisch

Datum: Sa. 25. Mai, Beginn: 15 Uhr
Ort: teatro piccolo
Adresse: EJS-Saal, Fritz-Elsas-Str. 44, Stuttgart
Karten: 15,- €, ermäßigt 12,- €