Theater am Olgaeck

NEAT — New English American Theatre presents


by David Burmedi

by David Burmedi 
A New Genre:
One Page Plays
are fast, furious and funny!

The plays are all ORIGINAL scripts written by the writers collective WRITERS IN STUTTGART and actors of NEW ENGLISH AMERICAN THEATERE. They cover a wide variety of topics and have only ONE thing in common; they are extremely short! The entire plot / play must be so concise as to fit on one page of paper, so they are fast paced and highly entertaining. The playwrights are of different ages, gender, race culture and backgrounds. Some will act in their own plays.

Our performances at THEATER AM OLGAECK will mark the First Annual Festival of One Page Plays
and each evening, the audience will select
their favorite plays and actors.

in englischer Sprache
Karten: € 9,- / ermäßigt € 7,-


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